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If your organization is like most other organizations, it is probably facing an overload of data and is spending too much time processing it.

Is your organization’s digital information an asset or a burden?

Business IntelligenceThroughout the course of a day, your employees, business partners, and clients will complete numerous transactions that generate data. This data, while useful, is raw, unconsolidated, and stored in numerous documents and spreadsheets. In order to make this data useful, your organization will need to spend countless hours attempting to find meaning, trends, and patterns from business process generated data and canned reports, and then it will need to manually create new reports that represent the useful, actionable information it discovered. Contact us for more information

All Covered can help your organization streamline its business decisions by converting organizational data into relevant and accessible data with a customized business intelligence solution from Microsoft.

Solving the Data Dilemma with Business Intelligence

All Covered is a Microsoft Gold partner that has the training and experience to recommend the best Microsoft business intelligence solution for your organization and then customize and build it to meet your organization's specific needs.

Turn raw data into useful information.

All Covered's unique business intelligence solutions will give your organization the tools it needs to quickly and intelligently create queries and generate useable reports. Our solutions are built with Microsoft products which make it possible to take existing information created through other Microsoft products and transform it into meaningful information that will help your organization make sound decisions.

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