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Businesses in the United States come in all shapes and sizes. Each industry has its own unique set of challenges, but today’s market puts many companies in similar situations. Digital technology evolves every year, becoming more prominent as a business tool in the process. Consequently, companies must adapt to stay competitive.

Today, customers of any business want a secure, user-friendly online experience. They demand fast, accurate responses to their needs, and they won’t settle for second-rate. The businesses that thrive are those that can accommodate the market’s rapid pace while adhering to a tight budget. Does your organization have a plan for success going forward?


Prepare for Sustained Success

Success in today’s market requires greater efficiency than ever before, and IT solutions for businesses make it possible. Companies have two options when modernizing their workflow. In some cases, businesses will choose to solidify an internal IT team or delegate responsibilities among existing staff members. However, maintaining an internal IT department is an expensive decision that can pull your staff away from their more important responsibilities.

Instead, embrace the digital marketplace with confidence by partnering with an outside company. Third-party IT providers produce amazing results with fewer overhead expenses. Even if your organization already has its own IT team, an outside company can update your hardware and software to leading-edge standards and back your existing team with better resources.


Find the Right IT Partner

The choice to partner with outside IT professionals is clear, so choose a company with the experience and customer service skills to provide the best solution. Enter All Covered from Konica Minolta.

Supporting your business is our business. At the intersection of business and growth, All Covered, as your trusted partner, can help you identify, assess, and capture opportunities with the right products and services to create a complete solution for your organization. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business’s needs and develop IT plans that ready your organization for immediate and sustained success.

All Covered comprises experienced developers and customer service representatives dedicated to your company’s growth. Explore the convenient resources that will help you build on success and prepare you for the journey forward.

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Did You Know?

  • 31.7 Million businesses are considered small in the US.
  • 19% of small business owners work over 60 hours a week.
  • 43% of SMBs have no cybersecurity defense plan.


The business IT solutions available through All Covered will position your organization for immediate and sustained success. You’ll gain access to technology that works toward some of your business’s most essential goals — productivity, cost savings and information security. Our agents will utilize a collaborative process to find the best IT solution for your business. Choose between options like:

All Covered Assurance

A complete IT management platform that simplifies the tools, services and applications needed to keep a business running smoothly. All Covered Assurance is an IT solution designed around your business’s essential needs — Productivity, Security, and Flexibility.

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Workplace Hub

The Workplace Hub ecosystem combines industry-leading hardware, software and security with a full suite of managed IT services and solutions into a single, scalable IT platform. Tailor Workplace Hub to your needs and budget by choosing from the Core or Smart version.

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It Security

Through our portfolio of holistic IT Security Services, All Covered employs industry-leading measures to build an end-to-end security strategy that encompasses systems implementation, testing, monitoring, vulnerability management and compliance. Partner with All Covered for comprehensive coverage against evolving cyberthreats.

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Our industry knowledge and expertise enable us to develop solutions that benefit various types of businesses. Choose All Covered for a strategy that helps your company capitalize on the state of the market. Open paths to new opportunities with IT business solutions from All Covered by Konica Minolta.

All Covered Assurance

All Covered Assurance is a comprehensive IT platform for your IT service needs that ensures user productivity, system readiness, data availability and complete security. You will have total visibility and governance across your IT landscape so you can gain control of your business operations. Empower your organization with an IT ecosystem that’s always on, always available and accessible from everywhere.

Assure Your Business

Business Continuity Planning

Coming up with a plan for an unknown event that may never happen can seem redundant and not necessary, but life can be unpredictable. With the effects of 2020 still impacting businesses, how do you overcome the new challenge yours faces? Keep going with a smart plan to be resilient, flexible, and adaptable so you can be ready for the next unexpected event to change the way you do business.

Make a Plan

Work Technologies Redefined

Bring together people, spaces and devices fluidly, with innovative work technologies that can propel your business forward. All Covered develops technology to pave the way toward an intelligent connected workplace. It’s our response to helping you grow capabilities and unlock new levels of potential.

Redefine Work

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All Covered can insulate your business with the convenience, flexibility and security it needs for success in the digital marketplace. Our agents are happy to discuss our solutions and find the best one for your business, so contact All Covered today!

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