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Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions were once something that only the largest enterprise computer users could afford. All Covered’s Backup for Servers solutions change that. Our local and cloud backup and continuity solutions help you get your data back up and running or keep it up and running in the event of data loss events, accidental deletion, server malfunction, local emergency or regional natural disaster. With All Covered’s solutions, your business systems are easily available to keep your business running.

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Where would you be without a current backup plan?

  • $306 Billion were spent in 2018 on natural disasters in the United States alone.
  • 1-12 hours on average are how long unplanned outages last.
  • $163,674 per hour could be the cost of downtime.

What Is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is a strategy for sending data from your company’s server to a remote cloud server via the internet. Businesses use cloud backup to keep their data safe and accessible in the event of a power outage, system failure or natural disaster. Cloud backup automates the process of copying and protecting data, eliminating time-consuming manual work.

What Makes Cloud Backup and Recovery So Important to Your Business?

Data is growing exponentially. Your company likely has many files, documents, apps and other types of data that are essential to keeping your business running. Without a cloud backup plan in place, your company could face significant downtime and financial losses in an emergency situation. Having a cloud backup plan allows your business to:

Protect Data and Apps

Lost or destroyed data can put your business at risk financially and even legally — slowing or halting your operations, raising a red flag to regulators and damaging your business’s reputation with customers. A cloud backup plan eliminates these problems by keeping your data and applications safe. Even if there’s damage to your hard drives and computers, your data will still be protected.

Recover Data Quickly

Traditional data recovery times range from a few days to a few weeks. For every hour of downtime, your company loses money. Cloud backup allows you to recover data immediately and access valuable information at any time from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Save Money on Storage

Traditional data backup involves expensive physical equipment and maintenance. With cloud backup, you only pay for data storage through your cloud provider, significantly reducing your data expenses.

Automate Processes

Manual backup methods are prone to human error and require significant company resources. Cloud backup is automatic and continuous, so you’ll have up-to-date, reliable backup data at all times. You can also customize your backup schedule to meet your company’s specific needs.

Increase Productivity

Your company depends on your information technology (IT) team to help keep your operations running smoothly. Cloud backup services help free up your IT team members by eliminating the need for them to manage your company’s backup software and infrastructure. Instead, they can focus on higher priority tasks, helping to increase productivity.

Benefits of All Covered Backup Services

At All Covered, we understand the stress and frustration of dealing with lost documents and files. With our cloud recovery services, you gain peace of mind that your data is protected. You’ll benefit from:

Local Backup Appliance

Our backup solution starts with a dedicated local appliance which supports backup of Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. Data is compressed, deduplicated and encrypted on the local appliance to optimize capacity and provide security.

Cloud Data Replication

Our solution then replicates your data to an SSAE-16 / SAS 70 type II compliant data center.All data is transferred in its compressed, deduplicated and encrypted format as stored on the local device and is stored in this manner in the data center.


Our solution can be used for simple server backup and restore, or it can have the added ability to replicate one or more Windows servers in the event of hardware failure or disaster. With this option, your business has access to data and systems for true business continuity.


Our solution scales with you as your data or number of servers to backup grow. Our service makes it easy to upgrade your local appliance and the amount of cloud storage. Movement to a higher tier of service is also simple and typically will not require hardware reconfiguration.


Our custom solution gives you tailor-made cloud backup and data protection specially designed to work for your environment.


Our solution protects your data from hackers and other security vulnerabilities.

Fixed Costs

Our monthly pricing includes local and cloud backup, monitoring of the device and backup schedules, help-desk support and hardware warranty.

Ability to Recover

Our solution can recover data to multiple destinations regardless if the outage is internal, localized to a single site, or affects an entire geographic region.

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At All Covered, we help companies protect their data with high-quality cloud backup services. You’ll save time and money on your backup plan and gain peace of mind that your data and applications are protected when the unexpected occurs.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our cloud recovery services can help your business.

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