What’s worse than...

In June 2020, the FBI told K-12 districts that schools “represent an opportunistic target as more of them transition to distance learning.”* As if teaching and learning during a pandemic was not hard enough, school administrators also have to deal with a looming concern about security. But this threat was not one that would be […]

Security Analogies For...

Imagine learning there has been a string of break-ins in your neighborhood. Imagine being surprised when it happens to your house – despite your lack of security cameras.  Similarly, businesses often wait until it’s too late or there is an issue to become “proactive” about a problem or underlying threat. The truth of the matter […]

When One Size...

It’s probably safe to say that in the year 2020, all things considered, cloud migration may have been one of the most prominent topics on everyone’s mind. With an almost overnight shift to remote work, companies are turning to the cloud now more than ever to connect, communicate and collaborate. And just getting to the […]

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