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It’s 11:59 a.m. – Do you know where your bandwidth is?

5/8/2017Just look around: School servers, services, and data are migrated to the cloud. Digital curriculum (most of it cloud-based) is replacing textbooks and supplements. The number of mobile devices is skyrocketing. The result: a school’s internal network must be optimized for performance and efficiency. All Day, Every Day.

Today’s Lesson: The Top 3 Trends in Education

1/17/2017The old saying goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This is true as teachers and parents continue to seek ways to keep students interested in learning, now with the added distraction of technology invading kids’ lives. While smartphones may distract them as much as sports and raging hormones do, such […] The post Today’s Lesson: The Top 3 Trends in Education appeared first on All Covered Learning Center.

How to Optimize Your Classroom for Technology – and Vice Versa

1/17/2017More and more students now use digital technology to get ahead in the classroom… and the same goes for the teachers. This puts school administrators and education stakeholders in a bind: how do they address the increasing role of technology in education? Is it simply too expensive to optimize the classroom to use today’s modern […] The post How to Optimize Your Classroom for Technology – and Vice Versa appeared first on All Covered Learning Center.

It’s 11 a.m. - Do you know where your internet bandwidth is?

11/7/2016As more services become cloud-based, the efficiency of your internal network will become more important, not less. Network performance will soon become the main concern of school IT departments. And it’s an area few schools really know about.

Using E-Rate Funding to Launch Digital Learning

9/22/2016Education has changed considerably since the idea of putting a device into each students’ hands turned into a realistic option for schools. Unfortunately, at this time of great possibilities also comes sweeping cuts in funding. Here are some ways to utilize E-rate funding to help launch digital learning in your school.

Protecting the Personal Information of K-12 Students

7/28/2016Think of all the applications, cloud services, educational sites your teachers and students log into on any given day. How many user names, profiles, and passwords do your students need to keep track and remember? As school leaders and parents begin to realize the amount of private student data these educational technology tools have collected, there has been a strong push to restrict access.

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