MacTech Conference 2016

MacTech Conference 2016

November 16 - 18 - Los Angeles, CA

Join us at MachTech 2016! All Covered Enterprise Engineer John Kirn will be conducting the following sessions:


Title: Advanced Mac Troubleshooting part 1

Description: Further strengthen your Mac support skills by learning new techniques for troubleshooting OS X.  Advanced topics that John Kirn will cover include…

  • Getting rid of third-party baggage: Identify and clean up unnecessary third-party Launch Agents, Launch Daemons, and kernel extensions
  • What's really going on under the hood?: Leverage opensnoop, fs_usage, and lsof to help uncover the root cause of the most elusive problems.
  • Deciphering log files: Utilize the system log more often and get things fixed faster.  Quickly scan through a kernel panic log and determine the most likely causes, including a review of over a dozen panic logs John has collected over the years.



Title: Advanced Mac Troubleshooting part 2

Description: Whether or not you attended part 1, this session will help improve your understanding of several advanced Mac support topics.  John Kirn will share his experience with…

  • Mastering Spotlight: Understand how Spotlight actually works, what can break it, and how to fix it.
  • Dealing with Mac Active Directory problems: How to best join a Mac to Active Directory to avoid problems in the future, fix Macs that have lost their AD binding, and third-party solutions than can help stabilize AD issues.
  • Macs accessing SMB server issues: Learn all the different SMB protocol and connection methods, how to force different SMB connections, and the inherent problems associated with Macs accessing different types of SMB shares.