Assessing Today’s Technology for Tomorrow’s Learning

Technology is being used in exciting new ways to engage students and improve student outcomes like never before! To help your students and teachers be successful, technology in your school must be an asset, not a roadblock – and definitely not a liability.

The Education Technology Assessment offered by All Covered goes beyond a typical IT audit and takes into consideration your educational goals and best practices in instructional technology in order to make recommendations that will truly make a difference in your school.

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Have you ever asked yourself…

  • Is technology supporting our goals?
  • Is our network keeping up with the demand?
  • Are mobile devices impacting our network security?
  • Are teachers and students sufficiently trained and supported?

Network & Infrastructure

Vital to educational, administrative and communications goals, we will assess the foundation of your technology – your network & infrastructure. Our goal is to determine ways you can improve functionality for staff, students and community involvement.  With our assessment, we will evaluate the functionality of  existing software, hardware, and security.

IT Operations & Cost

A review of your IT department structure and educational technology budget can help us to provide insight and  recommendations based on your current processes to save money and increase productivity. Additionally, we can address future budget projections and recommend ways to maximize the value of the public and private dollars you spend.

Instructional Teaching

Interactive technologies have expanded to include interactive panels, tables, and wall units that wirelessly connect the front of the classroom directly to student devices for screen sharing, collaborative work, and formative assessment. This is student engagement at its finest – and it’s a piece of the puzzle we will assess, with the goal of helping you provide instructional technology and tools to support 21st Century best practices in classroom instruction.

Final Review

At the completion of our in-depth review, you’ll receive an assessment report summarizing your current state of technology, including infrastructure risk analysis and recommendations based on interviews with administrators, educators and IT personnel. Preliminary findings will be reviewed with your school prior to delivery of a final report that can be presented to your school board or district administrators for evaluation.

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