Managing Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions

As healthcare organizations seek to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing healthcare environment, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are playing a crucial role in ensuring its long-term success. The healthcare industry remains characterized by significant opportunities for innovation and investment. Longer-term demographic trends and slow-moving yet consequential regulatory changes continue to contribute to the sector’s shifting dynamics. Merger and Acquisition processes are complicated as multiple areas have to be evaluated, such as strategy, governance, physician alignment, cost containment, and quality. To assist with this complex process, healthcare organizations can benefit greatly by engaging an experienced M&A team to provide both advisement and execution services.

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All Covered’s IT Services - Solution/Value Proposition

All Covered’s Acquisition Assessment and Integration Service solution provides invaluable services to Healthcare organizations with planned mergers and acquisitions by conducting due diligence services, pre-close planning, post-close implementation, and ongoing support throughout the integration phase. The healthcare team has experience in conducting a thorough assessment of compliance, workflow analysis, application requirements, and IT Infrastructure needs. In addition, a detailed gap analysis will be generated to meet standards. And our team will assist with the execution of the required integration tasks.

While the merger of two medical practices or the acquisition of one practice by another might appear logical and straight forward, there is a great deal of preparation and evaluation that must take place before an actual medical practice merger or acquisition can be completed successfully. There must be an objective and consistent valuation of the entities, particularly in the case of a medical practice merger. Having the same entity perform the valuations insures that you should now be comparing apples to apples. There is a long checklist of items that must be reviewed and resolved prior to a successful medical practice merger.

Mergers & Acquisitions Rapid Pace in 2018

  • We tracked 805 news items regarding healthcare M&A
  • Plus 858 news articles about health organizations’ affiliations and partnerships

Our Approach to the Process

All Covered’s Acquisition Assessment and Integration Service solution offers strategic consulting services to provide guidance during the 4 critical stages of the acquisition process:

Due Diligence

In the Due Diligence phase, we conduct due diligence on target organizations in the areas of risk identification, synergy assessment, organizational structure, processes, Key stakeholders, assets, vendors and contracts. This provides the organization with in-depth and necessary information on the target organization and enables a well planned merger closing and efficient integration.

Pre-Close Planning

In the Pre-close planning phase, we help establish the Integration Management Team, review due diligence and assessment results, prepare gap analysis to the acquiring health system’s standards and processes, budget for the remediation of the gap analysis, discuss risks and it impact to acquiring health system, and establish integration master plan for all areas of the acquisition.

Post-Close Implementation

In the Post-close implementation phase, we assist with detailed clinical assessments, risk management, vendor and contract management, remediation of gaps and integration, cutover planning and asset integration, and assist with marketing, including new website rollout timeline and patient forms redesign.

Ongoing Integration Support

After the integration is complete, we assist with ongoing clinical application support, IT integration, and compliance monitoring.

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