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Patient Care

Providing patient care that matters requires a comprehensive approach to understanding the individual’s care needs, while understanding the patient population as a whole.  The shift to value-based care – keeping people healthy by focusing on patient outcomes and improving quality of care – holds the key to bend the cost curve. Most high-value patient data is hidden in unstructured data, which can be difficult to extract and process at scale.  Our end-to-end Value-Based Care Solution turns structured and unstructured patient data into insights in real time, the platform has been designed to help providers and healthcare teams better predict and manage patient risks for improved clinical and financial outcomes at lower cost.

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  • $602+ Million Savings Over the Last 5 Performance Years!
  • 3.1 Billion Claims Processes with 133 Thousand Unique Providers
  • TOP TO PERFECT ACO quality score

Service Details

Complete Patient Story

Clinical, financial and socioeconomic data are extracted from various sources, regardless of data structure or clinic location.

Real Time Predictive Analytics

Relevant patient information, clinical context, and insights are extracted and delivered in real-time at the point of care.

Personalized Care

Application of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) transforms data into evidence-based, personalized, and actionable insights for improved patient outcomes.

Adaptive Workflow

Prioritizes and delivers the most critical information directly into the native provider workflow at the right time.

Intelligent Data Transfer (IDT)

Leverage intelligent data transfer to securely share patient records and data between locations and providers for the best possible care.

Open and Flexible

Manages secure exchange of data among all systems (EHR, HIE, lab, and more) through tight integrations and modular design.


Costs continue to spiral in the healthcare industry, but increasing costs should not create challenges. Minimizes upfront cost via cloud-based implementation and competitive monthly fees.

Single Platform

Seamless integration of data extraction, risk stratification, care coordination, and patient engagement technologies so healthcare providers and team can focus on the practice of medicine.

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