Keep your cases on track and your firm ahead of the curve. Our eDiscovery services can help you acquire critical data, make sense of it, and keep it safe. We offer intelligent technology to meet your pressing data demands. Our portfolio includes custom reporting, safeguards for sensitive information, and legal application expertise. These eDiscovery services can help your firm understand and manage your IT risks. Below, read more about our specific services.

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  • Roughly 70% of the costs involved with the eDiscovery industry are the direct review of documentations, which means the total cost for a review within the industry is about $18,000 for every 1 GB of information.

Pre-Litigation Planning

eDiscovery is often lengthy and complex. You may need help simplifying and managing the process. We offer services to make litigation easier: front-end consulting, strategic planning, and applications for information tracking and compiling.

Early Case Assessment

When you understand the specifics of your caseload, you can get the most out of your eDiscovery. The problem is, that’s easier said than done. Well, we make it easier, period. We’ll work with your firm to develop customized strategies—from analytics to visuals—on a case-by-case basis.

Technology-Assisted Review

Save time and work smarter with our text analysis software. We offer strategies and applications to help you prioritize your cases and review your data. Using these services, you can cut the time you spend on irrelevant or erroneous information.

ESI Processing

Your eDiscovery success is vital. It directly impacts how well your firm litigates, investigates, and operates. We’ll improve your eDiscovery success rate by simplifying your case management. We’ll help you consolidate hundreds of file types, databases, and information applications—including Outlook Express and IBM Notes—into a single, and simple, program.

With these services, your firm can:

  • Gain greater transparency and control over your data
  • Navigate your most complex eDiscovery issues: reliability, security, and stability
  • Implement strategies for a smarter eDiscovery process: accountability, insight, and tracking

Use our team, and our tools, to streamline your litigation and efficiently manage rising caseloads. Our project managers can provide you with cost-saving strategies and vast industry knowledge. You’ll improve how you conduct investigations, avoid cost overruns, keep your projects on budget, and reap the benefits of security and compliance.

We combine real-world know-how with intelligent tech. Data tracking and insights, project status and snapshots, and sound processing metrics can enrich your eDiscovery ROI. Our team comprises not just project managers but attorneys, software developers, and former law enforcement professionals. This range of experience is bolstered by our digital capabilities.

Experience, expertise, smart tech, and problem solving give your eDiscovery processes what they need more of. That’s visibility—you’ll know more about your data, and use it better—plus security.

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