Comprehensive IT Platform

In today’s digital economy, there is increased reliance on technology to enable businesses and their workforces to be highly productive and efficient, while securing their valuable business assets. To overcome barriers to these core priorities, the IT ecosystem must now be always on, always available and accessible from everywhere.

All Covered Assurance is the comprehensive turnkey platform that provides the complete IT engagement experience, ensuring user productivity, system readiness, data availability and complete security with total visibility and governance across the IT landscape.  Aimed at simplifying IT management, it integrates all the fundamental tools, services, and applications in a single intelligent platform to keep businesses running efficiently.

The integrative platform is centered around three main pillars: productivity, security, and flexibility.  These solution pillars interconnect critical IT services and provide a holistic view of the IT environment; thus, solving the challenges to reduce security risks and costly downtime.  The platform analyzes and validates risk and exposure across critical systems and delivers complete visibility to key stakeholders, providing greater value and showing true return on investment.

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Main IT Challenges

  • Worry about a data breach
  • Uncertainty in current IT systems, equipment and procedures
  • Inefficiency concerns that IT is wasting too much employee time
  • Downtime of applications leave end users frustrated
  • Broken Promises from existing tools and software performance
  • Cost Overruns are unexpected and can impact the bottom line

3 Pillars of
All Covered Assurance

Ensuring Infrastructure Stability And Performance To Solve The IT Burden

Always On

Ensures continued access to applications, databases, business systems and data.

User Productivity

• Service Desk

• Application Training


Endpoint Availability

• Endpoint Management

• Endpoint Backups

• Endpoint Discovery


Infrastructure Productivity

• Server Remote Monitoring & Management

• Managed Backups

• Network Remote Monitoring & Management

• Network Device Backups

• Device Discovery

• IT Vendor Coordination

Always Available

Delivers modern threat intelligence, a multi-pronged strategy layering offense and defense detection and protection techniques.

User Security

• Endpoint Security

• Dark Web Monitoring

• Endpoint Patching

• URL Content Filtering


Business Security

• Cybersecurity Insurance

• Managed External Vulnerability Scanning

• Infrastructure Vulnerability Profiling

Available Everywhere

Enables businesses to pivot quickly and provide services from anywhere.

User Mobility

• Mobile Worker Support

• Mobile Device Support Services

• On-site Services*


Business Flexibility

• Hosted Office 365 Services*

• App-Dev Services*

• Web/Intranet Services*

• PowerBI Services*

• VoIP*

• The Lawyer’s Helpdesk*


Infrastructure Analysis

• Executive Insights Reporting

• Benchmarking, analysis & trending

• Problem Management

• Change Management

*Additional Advanced Services Available

How All Covered Brings Value

Our commitment to innovation and service has been recognized and acknowledged by the most respected, prestigious publications and organizations. These awards are a tribute to our expertise and dedication in solving IT challenges across the client landscape by simplifying IT.

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