A mobile application that works intuitively can be invaluable to your business especially when you think about how the mobile device has become the centerpiece to everyone’s personal and work life. Whether it’s built for use on iOS or Android, a mobile app can increase productivity for employees, boost sales, or provide easy access to services.  The best part is that you own the code All Covered creates for you.  We don’t charge any additional licensing or subscription fees.

Program a Custom Application with All Covered

What Is a Business Mobile App?

A business mobile app is a sophisticated software system built to make certain business functions available on mobile devices. There are three main types of business mobile apps:

  • Employee: These are small-scale apps typically designed to improve team communication, such as a messaging app.
  • Department: These apps have department-specific functionality, such as onboarding software for your human resources (HR) department.
  • Company: A company-level app can be for customers or your employees. Company apps for customers allow people to purchase your products, while company apps for your organization allow employees to connect and access company information.

Do You Agree?

  • 91% of mobile users believe access to information is extremely important.

Why Choose Mobile App Development for Your Business?

In today’s world, we rely on our mobile devices for just about everything. Business mobile apps allow customers and employees to engage with your company from anywhere at any time, increasing sales and productivity.

Business mobile apps provide:

Convenient Payment Options

Your business mobile app can include an e-commerce system for fast, easy purchases. In-app payment is a convenient option that improves the customer experience.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

A mobile app allows you to personalize your customer interactions with push notifications, client support and location alerts to help drive sales.

Improved Data Management

A business mobile app can help you improve your company’s data organization, processing and analysis to enhance your operations.

Efficient Task Automation

You can use a mobile app to automate certain business tasks, reducing human error and saving your company time and money.

Easy Collaboration

Business mobile apps help employees collaborate across divisions and departments in real time.

Increased Cost Savings

Going mobile helps reduce your company’s dependence on ink and paper, which can be expensive.

Better Supply Chain Management

You can leverage a mobile app to improve your supply chain with planning and monitoring features.

Our Business Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile app development can be a complex, time-consuming process. At All Covered, we make it easy for you to get the business mobile apps you need with our full-service approach to development. You’ll get secure, customized solutions created by our team of experts, saving you time and money on the process.

We handle every aspect of the mobile app development process, including:


Starting with the finished application and functionality in mind, the process starts by listening to you and discovering how you envision the end user’s experience interacting with the app. We can provide a working prototype of the application before any coding is done so you can evaluate the concept.


Programming the application involves extensive testing with the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your application is user-friendly and intuitive while staying true to your brand. Consider adding features that could enhance your application such as push notifications or links to key web pages.


Safeguarding your customer, employee and company information is crucial to your business operations. We prioritize security in our development process, using secure code, technologies and app features to protect your business.


Finishing and posting the application to popular apps stores and linking from your website can encourage your target audience to download and use your application. During this time, we can fine tune the application and troubleshoot any technical issues that may pop up.


Seeing the metrics behind the scenes can help you determine successful app usage, track the number of downloads, or show you additional areas that could benefit from being optimized for mobile use. Combine this data with feedback from your target audience to get a complete analytic overview.


Maintaining your business mobile app is crucial to ensuring it runs smoothly. We can help you troubleshoot problems, fix bugs and provide software updates to keep the apps working as intended with fast load times.

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All Covered is a division of Konica Minolta specializing in information technology (IT) services. We are your top source for business mobile app development. Our mobile app developers have the expertise to deliver superior solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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