Start With The Basics And Customize For A Greater Impact

Using Salesforce’s CRM platform right out-of-the-box advances data management and can increase sales; however with the right customization, you can improve customer service and engage your employees with tools they will want to use. As a Salesforce partner, All Covered can help you take the Sales Cloud or the Service Cloud offering from a solid platform to an essential sales tool that tracks all the metrics you want to see.

Customize Salesforce to Your Business


  • 59% of customers believe that companies need to provide cutting-edge digital experiences to keep their business.


Save time and make it easier for your team to find the information that will help them close sales. Create dashboard views that function in real time. Automatically build prospecting lists by salesperson or sales territory. Build reporting that crushes big data into easy to read documents that provide valuable insight.


Once our customization project is completed, it’s belongs to your company. We do not charge any additional licensing fees so you don’t have to worry about ongoing use payments for the software or your program becoming obsolete or discontinued without a warning.


For a sales team that’s out meeting with prospects and spending most of their time in the field, seamless mobility on a smart phone or tablet is a must to keep track of appointments and stay connected to the office. Mobility doesn’t have to increase your vulnerability to proprietary data loss when security measures are built into your mobile application.


Presenting data is a visual manner with charts and graphs makes it easy to digest vast amount of data. Manual manipulation of data for reporting or analytics can sometimes take hours just to gather all the raw information to process. With programmed customized reporting, you don’t have to be a numbers wizard to create easy to read and understand reports that can be shared with the team.

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