Allowing for better organization, collaboration and workflow management

This multi-faceted platform from Microsoft helps organizations integrate, manage and share data. SharePoint can streamline and accelerate business processes and make it easy to securely share information both within and outside your organization. With a deep knowledge of the SharePoint platform, All Covered can help you develop a unique SharePoint experience customized to suit your individual business goals and needs.

Build a SharePoint Intranet for Collaboration


  • 50% of Fortune 500 companies use Sharepoint
  • 75% of Intranets were built on Sharepoint
  • 100+ Million users worldwide

Sharing Made Easy

SharePoint helps you share data with content management and document management tools.

Increased Collaboration

By allowing teams to work on single documents, create shared workspaces and other functions, SharePoint boosts collaboration between individuals and teams.

Improved Process

With shared calendars, project management tools and other features, SharePoint makes business processes more efficient.

Tailor Made

Our developers will plan and build your SharePoint solution based on your requirement and specifications. We design and deliver your solution from development, UAT, production and support.

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