A Fully Managed Intranet Solution for Any Company

Workplace Go is a managed Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution designed to meet businesses’ needs for the modern digital workplace. It features extensive collaboration functions with full integration of Microsoft Teams and a seamless design based on the SharePoint “Modern Experience” to provide one intuitive user interface for self-organization.

Workplace Go enables companies – no matter their size – to build a personalized digital workplace based on Microsoft 365; improving collaboration, employee engagement and productivity.  It is designed around a managed service model with no onboarding costs, predictable monthly bills and support and upgrades included.  The solution is available both as an out-of-the-box template for small and medium-sized businesses for up to 300 users, as well as a fully custom-designed solution for medium and larger enterprises with 101 to 20,000 employees.

Build an Intranet for Improved Productivity and Collaboration

Did You Know?

  • All Covered is a Microsoft Gold Partner certified for Application Integration, Collaboration and Content, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Datacenter, and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions.
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Key Features

Brand a Ready-to-Go Intranet

Easily brand your intranet by incorporating your organization’s colors, logos and fonts.  Build a modern and responsive corporate intranet with a unified webpage interface.  Enjoy seamless and flexible access that is visually appealing across any device and/or the Microsoft Teams Application.

Assign Team Members

From within Workplace Go, easily create new project groups, team groups or communities and benefit from the power of Microsoft Teams as a communication hub to encourage collaboration and facilitate productivity across many departments.

Post-Pandemic Office

Many companies are trying a hybrid approach to return employees back to the office, but the challenge is providing a socially-distanced work environment in the traditional office setting.  With the Flex Desk widget,  employees can reserve a socially-distanced workspace and you can keep track of employees that choose to work on premise without having to expand the office.

Employee Usability

With Search, use keywords to look across email, documents, people and sites with filtering options.  Personal Boards are a one-stop location for employees to access email, schedule meetings, plan out projects, find documents, and manage feeds that provide vital information.  Publish a multiple-choice Poll to quickly receive employee feedback and analyzing data to gain insight.

Build Company Culture

Communicate company news, special events, or job postings with all employees.  Information can be filtered by specific departments so that only the most relevant information is presented.  Create collaborative environments through Communities that support Microsoft groups, Yammer groups and Microsoft Teams groups.

New Employee Onboard

Help new hires get their bearings with self-paced orientation information specific to his or her department role and interests within the organization.  Provide easy to follow directories and clickable organizational chart so a new employee can connect with co-workers by name, department, job title, phone, email or teams through Workplace Go.

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