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Introducing a new way to work. Free from the constraints of a physical device, the workforce has evolved to support cloud workers operating in a world where their workspace is in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere, on any device. Support your business by having the most secure, comprehensive cloud-based solutions that allow you to meet these evolving demands faster.

Google Chrome Enterprise provides a modern OS that empowers a cloud workforce. Start your transformation today with a smart and sustainable investment.

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Chrome Enterprise addresses the needs of today’s workforce by combining the end user benefits of Chromebooks with the enterprise-level features of Chrome OS, enabling the cloud workforce with the tools needed to work efficiently from anywhere, anytime.

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A Smart Way To Work

Make downtime an issue of the past with automatic updates, quick and reliable boot times, and a consistently simply experience across devices. Chrome Enterprise is secure by design, enabling IT to provide trusted applications to users and to protect against current threats.

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Konica Minolta is a premier Google Cloud partner, enabling organizations big and small to work smarter and faster with collaboration tools like Google Chrome Enterprise. Freeing you from mundane administrative tasks, facilitating collaboration, and securing access to data and apps for your cloud workforce.

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