Our 4C Technology Management Approach

Computers are everywhere. Data is everywhere. That can be a good thing -people now have the ability to access and store files in a way that works specifically for them.

But consider the risks inherent in this fragmentation of data: How much storage and computing power is wasted because everything is so spread out? How much computing resources are underutilized because applications have been deployed as islands with no overall architecture in mind?

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Less Waste, Better Use of Resources

Consolidation in All Covered’s 4C technology management approach explores how to best converge applications, data and servers into one or more places, preferably in secure data centers located away from the organization’s offices.

Consolidation also aims to right-size the amount of storage and computing power, helping clients to cost-effectively deliver key applications without waste.

The end goal: to achieve better use of resources while simplifying the management of the technologies. Consolidation helps our clients rethink their concept of computing: not just an inventory of boxes and software, but a cohesive portfolio of services that helps organizations achieve greater agility and responsiveness.

Game Changer: Virtualization Technology

Part of the major rethink involves changing the way companies manage and run servers. To avoid the associated capital requirements and maintenance costs, companies can outsource server functions to All Covered, transforming the fixed cost of maintaining servers into a variable operating expense with more flexibility.

The use of virtualization technology makes this possible: servers can now run multiple tasks that previously required more physical servers.

Virtualization provides an opportunity to replace and consolidate multiple servers into one server that requires far fewer computing resources. The benefits include cost savings, flexibility, ease-of-management, efficiency-of-resources, and energy savings while also extending the life of older applications. It is then a short step to move the virtualized servers into the All Covered Cloud data centers.

Application virtualization technologies can also improve application portability, manageability and compatibility by encapsulating and centralizing traditional client-server applications.