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Finding the right hardware and software solutions that will keep your network running efficiently can be tough, but All Covered can help. There are so many options when refreshing hardware and software and just as many questions about selecting the right products for your environment. Is the product reliable? Will it keep my network secure? Does this enhance collaboration and accessibility for my employees? Our Procurement Services team will work directly with you to determine the best solutions and provide the confidence you need to ensure you are making the right decision for your organization.

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Top 3 Factors Leading to Increased IT Budget in 2020

  • 71% Need to upgrade outdated infrastructure
  • 50% Increased Security Concerns
  • 47% Expected Employee Growth

Technology Partnerships

All Covered has top-tier partnerships with all major technology manufacturers. This, along with our national footprint, allows us to achieve incredible purchasing power that can be passed along to our clients. With an agnostic view point, we can provide the right range products to complement any refresh project or provide ongoing equipment needs for on-boarding of new employees based on their roles.

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Concierge Services

Before making a purchase, it’s helpful to have someone to review your order so something isn’t missed or overlooked.  All Covered has the resources on staff to provide a “concierge” service for you when you are looking for advice on your next IT purchase. From a single PC to a large to a complex server refresh, we can be your go-to resource to help you determine what best fits your business need.

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