Cyber Security Services

At All Covered, we believe stringent security is necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of your data. How do you implement changes to go from reactive to proactive cybersecurity protection and mitigate your risks? At All Covered, we understand the challenges that make it difficult for businesses to implement a complete security plan. Some common challenges include a lack of resources, conflicting departmental needs, and the demands of managing day-to-day operations. Work with All Covered to design a complete security plan that fits your business.

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Cybersecurity by the Numbers

  • 92.4% of malware is delivered by email
  • $3 million is the average cost of an attack on SMBs
  • 43% of cyber attacks target SMBs

Active Defense

Starting with the basics of security, Active Defense is a managed security service offering that combines proven security tools, process and expertise to harden and safeguard any organization’s security posture against malicious attacks. This cross-discipline approach dramatically improves the accuracy of our monitoring services and reduces the likelihood of an incident going undetected.

Testing Services

Company leaders understand that security gaps exist in their infrastructure networks; however, few understand the risk and exposure that these security gaps pose to their clients and organization. Our testing services will expose security gaps within a client’s environment to exploit critical asset and can show you how these gaps could be used against the organization by malicious users.

Security Monitoring

The security monitoring services leverage SIEMs investments and adds yet another layer of intelligence by evaluating ongoing attack vectors and breach data to improve accuracy and quickly identify incidents in your environment. We provide the intelligence every company needs to protect themselves.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability management scans data to reveal areas of concern where our team can effectively prioritize security risks and provide stakeholders with an action plan. It can also integrate into the culture of the organization’s IT security program offering management a better understanding of the risk-level within their organization.


Regulations and federal mandates are a challenge for almost every organization and differ based on industry, our consultants will review regulations and mandates specific to your industry to help meet your compliance needs and to make significant improvements and help you to avoid costly data breach fines.

Security Awareness Training

When employees understand how to identify social engineered or phishing scams, they are prepared to protect your data. As hackers become more sophisticated and invent new tricks to gain access to login credentials, personal information, or proprietary information, ongoing training will help your employees identify and report these incidents.

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