Information Security Programs Must Adhere To Industry Standards

Regulatory compliance, enhanced client confidentiality and company reputation are critical. How do you recognize where your network is most vulnerable? How do you assure your customers that their information is private, secure, and protected? You do so by identifying risk and implementing risk mitigating controls in order to abide by best practices and compliance requirements.

We can help the finance and healthcare industries meet the standards of FFIEC, GLBA and HIPAA. We offer services that mitigate risk around the clock while adhering to the latest industry regulations. We work with you to develop a compliant and up-to-date program to assist you in measuring monitoring and reporting on your information security risk.

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Did You Know?

  • $14.8 million on average is the annual cost of non-compliance to businesses

– Source: Bitdefender

What Is IT Compliance?

Information technology (IT) compliance refers to digital security requirements and tactics. Your company must implement appropriate measures to protect your data from cyberattacks and other threats to achieve and maintain compliance.

Compliance standards vary depending on your industry. They may be mandated by law, contract or organization. Noncompliance can result in hefty fines that impact your company’s bottom line. At All Covered, we help you avoid noncompliance with comprehensive services and solutions for your industry.


Our IT Compliance Services

Maintaining a compliant IT program can be challenging. With increased regulatory pressures and operational complexity, traditional approaches to compliance may not meet your needs. At All Covered, we help you keep pace with regulatory demand through our cost-effective, industry-specific services.

Finance Compliance

Industry regulations are predominantly prescribed and managed by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). FFIEC cybersecurity guidance can be complicated; their updates and reports are frequent because the threats they address are constantly mutating. So here’s a quick guide to FFIEC standards.

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Healthcare Compliance

Mitigating risk starts with HIPAA compliance. That’s a priority for every healthcare professional. Without the secure exchange of patient data, healthcare facilities are vulnerable to data breaches.

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

We help any Organization Seeking Compliance (OSC) with the needed security controls that may be missing from their security infrastructure.  We help companies’ document policies relating to their security controls and prepare them for the objective evidence  they will need to provide in order to meet the assessment certification.

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SOC 2 Cloud Compliance

Take advantage of enterprise grade security practices, infrastructure and compliance controls with a cloud expert and partner that understands your regulatory requirements. Leveraging the cloud lends better visibility to data management, asset management and access controls within your company.

Benefits of Our Regulatory Compliance Solutions

All Covered IT compliance solutions can help you reduce the risk of compliance breaches. When you partner with us, we’ll create a compliance program configured to your company’s unique needs. You’ll benefit from:


Centralized Information

Collecting and analyzing information across your organization can be a difficult task. We build a compliance system that integrates your regulatory and business requirements, allowing you to track all relevant activities with ease. Additionally, having a single source for compliance data can make it easier to refine your processes and meet your company’s evolving needs.

Automated Processes

Staying compliant involves many time-consuming processes. Our compliance system automates tedious tasks, allowing your employees to stay focused on their primary job requirements. What’s more, automation can help remove errors to improve accuracy, reducing your risk of noncompliance.

Reduced Operational Costs

An automated, streamlined compliance program can remove manual inefficiencies from your processes, saving your company time and money. You can prevent costly oversights from human error and avoid investing significant company resources into your compliance efforts.

Improved Security

Our regulatory compliance solutions provide enhanced protection against cybersecurity threats. We use the most updated software to help your company stay ahead of ever-changing cyberthreats.

Real-Time Tracking

Our system helps you make compliance updates faster with real-time regulatory tracking. It also alerts you to any noncompliant practices, allowing you to make adjustments as soon as possible.

Better Data

Our solutions give you clear, in-depth insights into your compliance processes. You’ll get precise metrics and reports to help you make more informed compliance decisions.


Why Choose All Covered for IT Compliance Consulting?

At All Covered, we understand how challenging it can be to comply with changing cyber regulations. We work closely with your team to evaluate your current compliance practices and recommend strategies for long-term success.

Our team will create a custom program tailored to your specific industry and organization. You’ll get solutions that make sense for your business and save you time and money. What’s more, consumers will have more trust in your brand, knowing your cybersecurity solutions meet compliance standards.

With our IT compliance solutions in place, your organization can stay competitive while reducing cyberthreats and ensuring regulatory compliance.


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