Are you getting the best possible value out of your phone system?  Take All Covered’s 6-question quiz to find out if your current solution is helping or hurting your business.

  • 1

    Does your company manage more than one system and/or provider for any of the following features? Desk phones, mobile phones, instant messaging, desktop sharing, voice and video conferencing, auto-attendant, etc.

  • 2

    Do you have the flexibility to scale up as your company grows and adds new staff?

  • 3

    Does your current system integrate seamlessly with the apps your team relies on daily? Salesforce, Oracle, Outlook, etc.

  • 4

    Can you easily extend your systems to support remote workers?

  • 5

    Do you have “always on” reliability that gives you protection against natural disasters, component failures, and other unexpected emergencies?

  • 6

    Are your PBX maintenance costs increasing as your system ages?

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