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Online Mind Control: How Website Design Can Bring Sales Up (or Down)

You put your best foot forward when you’re trying to close a lead in person; funny how rarely that insight translates online. 2016’s J.D. Power Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study makes a direct connection between bad website design and poor sales. 59 percent of new-vehicle shoppers consider themselves more likely to take a test-drive if they’re […]

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Why Mobile Responsiveness isn’t Just a Trend – It’s a Necessity

“I only browse the Internet on my desktop” went the way of the dial-up connection back in 2014; a report released by ComScore that year revealed that mobile apps accounted for 52 percent of average time spent by users consuming digital media, outdoing the desktop for the very first time. And you can only expect […]

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Salesforce’s SaaS advantage: Infinite Interconnectivity

Trust the crazy implementations to prove a platform’s value – such as the oddball project built by Salesforce’s senior director for Cloud Services Tom Gersic. Gersic connected his car’s onboard computer with a Raspberry Pi; a server-side API logs all messages from the onboard diagnostics in the cloud, and creates a case in if […]

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How Businesses Create Success  by Customizing Salesforce

No two companies have the same requirements and workflows. So it makes no sense for your company to use software that can’t be customized to your particular needs. It’s as if you paid money for software designed for another company entirely! On the other hand, you’ll consider it money well spent to invest in a […]

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Why Salesforce is Much More than a Standard CRM

Choosing a CRM (customer relations management) platform feels a lot like getting into a relationship: you can’t just consider the short-term benefits, but the long-term effects need to be considered too. So it’s entirely to Salesforce’s credit that you regularly hear of stories like Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, whose IT Director decided to commit […]

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Why Do Businesses Choose Sharepoint Over Other Web Platform Tools?

Since its debut in 2001, SharePoint has managed to grab the lion’s share of the web platform market: over 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, constituting about 75 percent of all intranets configured in the past five years as well. That shift wouldn’t have happened if SharePoint hadn’t been simply the best solution […]

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Three Secrets to Successful SharePoint Adoption

Despite the obvious advantages of adopting SharePoint for use within their companies, for many companies, getting users onboard remains an uphill battle. A recent study reported by Techarex Networks talked to over 200 respondents, and the results weren’t pretty. Over 40 percent of interviewees considered their own SharePoint server implementations as failures, with over 60 […]

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Search & Share: Two Ways Sharepoint Efficiently Empowers a Company

As Toronto-based commercial real estate services firm Avison Young logged a third straight decade of growth, they realized that the status quo was holding the company back. “When the sales and marketing teams needed information or collateral for a new prospect or customer, we found the staff spending a lot of time e-mailing back-and-forth looking […]

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The Doctor will Skype You Now: How Telepresence is Changing the Medical Industry

Telepresence – technology that lets a user project their presence over long distances – has taken a turn. Thanks to Moore’s Law, the state of the art has improved to the point where interaction has become more seamless, even with users thousands of miles away. A number of industries have benefited from this breakthrough, but […]

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