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It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Breach-mas…

The holidays are upon us, and it’s a great occasion to celebrate. However, it’s also a great occasion for hackers to take advantage of an exposed business. While you’re celebrating, is there somebody watching your IT infrastructure and assuring it’s not breached? If your answer is anything other than “yes,” then you need to think: […]

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The DYN DDoS attack should be a warning sign for businesses

This morning, DYN, one of the largest providers of managed Domain Name System records for some of the internet’s biggest companies, faced a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack. Sites including Amazon, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Reddit were affected. People across the country, though more-so on the East Coast, found these sites inaccessible. Dyn continues to […]

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Is Your Company Suffering the Effects of “Security Fatigue”?

  You have a hard enough time making decisions for the benefit of your whole enterprise. Add the numerous decisions you have to make with regard to cybersecurity alone (“What password do I use?” “Who gets access to sensitive data?”) and it’s no surprise that some simply give up. A new study from the National […]

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Are you as ready for the hackers as they are for you?

Ready or not, as the hacking community continues to evolve law firms have become a definitive target. The legal industry has typically struggled to stay in front of the technology curve and many still do not have formal controls in place to adequately address the rapidly growing demand of cybersecurity. Usually security is at the top of […]

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Characteristics of a Good Information Security Plan

Three Components of a Successful Information Security Plan You Shouldn’t Count Out Do you have your security priorities all wrong? A 2014 study by Dell reports that over 75% of respondent organizations admitted to security breaches over the past year, but less than 20% prioritized the prediction and management of previously-unknown threats. “Organizations are being […]

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If Your Business Depends on Data, You Need a Security Operations Center

Only the gullible and foolhardy wait for cyberthreats to appear on their doorstep before taking any action. The smart money is on the proactive approach: investing in threat monitoring and timely detection to stop a security breach from ever darkening your mainframe. Many enterprises now find that expanding detection capabilities begins with setting up a […]

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Your Money or your Data: Anti-Ransomware

Your Money or your Data: Ransomware Resurgent The world’s most prolific hostage takers don’t carry bombs or guns. Using only keyboards, the Internet and skillful social engineering, they can do far more economic damage than their more conventionally-armed counterparts. There’s little that most antivirus or malware programs can do against ransomware: a tricky bit of […]

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Three Cybersecurity Problems You May Not Know You Have

Think you’re on top of your cybersecurity? Don’t be too cocky: the next three problems may already have you in their grip without you even knowing it. Compromised hardware As the “Internet of Things” allows more devices to connect to networks, end-users will have to carefully consider the threats posed by hacked hardware. Most microchips […]

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