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Ransomware Revamped: Latest Petya Wiper-Ware Attack Cripples Global Biglaw Firm

When it comes to ransomware, hackers don’t discriminate—every business, and every industry, is fair game. With ransomware shutting down a boutique Rhode Island law firm and the latest Petya attack placing global biglaw squarely in its crosshairs, it’s becoming clear that hackers have set their sights on the legal world. A Ransomware (Wiper-Ware) in Disguise […]

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As Hackers Target Small to Medium Businesses, Cybersecurity Matters More than Ever

Do small to medium businesses (SMBs) get a free pass from hackers? Do the bad guys go for the big whales and ignore the small fry? As it turns out, the opposite is true. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, phishers and other hackers go for small businesses almost as much as bigger […]

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How User Awareness Proactively Protects Your Company from Phishing Attacks

When we say that nobody is safe from today’s modern phishing attacks, we do mean nobody. A 2016 study commissioned by Wombat Security reports up to two-thirds of surveyed organizations suffered targeted, personalized phishing attacks (known as “spear phishing”), an increase of 22 percent from the previous year. A separate study breaks down the costs […]

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Why Vulnerability Scanning is Now a Necessity for Your Business

You can build the strongest firewall money can buy, but aiming for complete invulnerability to outside threats is a fool’s game. Today’s IT infrastructure is simply too complex to be completely safe from intrusions: the mind-boggling variety of operating systems, device drivers, applications and other executables on a single system open it to new and […]

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It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Breach-mas…

The holidays are upon us, and it’s a great occasion to celebrate. However, it’s also a great occasion for hackers to take advantage of an exposed business. While you’re celebrating, is there somebody watching your IT infrastructure and assuring it’s not breached? If your answer is anything other than “yes,” then you need to think: […]

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The DYN DDoS attack should be a warning sign for businesses

This morning, DYN, one of the largest providers of managed Domain Name System records for some of the internet’s biggest companies, faced a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack. Sites including Amazon, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Reddit were affected. People across the country, though more-so on the East Coast, found these sites inaccessible. Dyn continues to […]

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Is Your Company Suffering the Effects of “Security Fatigue”?

  You have a hard enough time making decisions for the benefit of your whole enterprise. Add the numerous decisions you have to make with regard to cybersecurity alone (“What password do I use?” “Who gets access to sensitive data?”) and it’s no surprise that some simply give up. A new study from the National […]

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Are you as ready for the hackers as they are for you?

Ready or not, as the hacking community continues to evolve law firms have become a definitive target. The legal industry has typically struggled to stay in front of the technology curve and many still do not have formal controls in place to adequately address the rapidly growing demand of cybersecurity. Usually security is at the top of […]

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