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Konica Minolta Charts Bold Course for its All Covered IT Services and Dealer Divisions

Following is an excerpt from a MSPmentor article release on October17, 2016 about Konica Minolta and its growing service offerings.

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After making five acquisitions since 2009, Atlanta-based MSP Altuscio announced in September that it would sell to another company. The suitor? Konica Minolta, which has made a series of strategic moves in recent years to strengthen its position in key customer segments, geographic regions and vertical markets. Under the arm of Konica Minolta, Altuscio founder and CEO Ben Silliman believes he can achieve greater success than what he could have otherwise attained on his own. Why?

Like a lot of MSPs and industry pundits including Penton Xpert Jim Lippie, Silliman believes the MSP market is undergoing significant consolidation. Though a proven entrepreneur who built his MSP business from a sole proprietorship into a thriving operation that employs 55 people, Silliman recognizes that a consolidated market will be increasingly dominated by organizations that boast greater scale and efficiency. Though he was courted by others, Konica Minolta and the All Covered division that it acquired in 2011 felt like the best fit for him. After all, All Covered has scale, focus and a proven track record, which is something that other venture capitalists who simply want a presence in this market lack, Silliman says.

Amid this backdrop, MSPmentor reached out to Konica Minolta and its All Covered division to get an update on the company’s business. Our first interview was with Nick Pegley, All Covered’s well-known vice president of marketing. He walked us through some of the basics on Konica Minolta, which generates roughly half its U.S. business through its 300 or so affiliated dealers and its All Covered services arm. Significantly, Pegley notes, the indirect proportion of the company’s business is growing as a percent of overall revenue. That’s not chump change when you consider that of the $8 billion that Konica Minolta does in worldwide revenue, approximately $2.5 billion is generated here in North America.