Certex USA Increases Accessibility with All Covered Workspaces

The Challenge

Certex USA is a wire rope manufacturer with 29 branches and 250 employees across the United States. They faced challenges with branch locations having IT issues like computer viruses or server failures. Often managers were away from the office and unable to quickly address these issues. Other times, software updates were out of date or never completed. Employee satisfaction and productivity was affected by these ongoing issues.

The Solution

All Covered discussed options for rapid incident recovery and update management with Certex. Ultimately, All Covered helped Certex implement an extensive virtual desktop solution through All Covered Workspaces. Powered by Citrix, All Covered Workspaces allowed Certex to centralize their IT infrastructure.

“Going to a virtual desktop means that you have a few servers feeding multiple people... You make the changes on those few servers, and you make them once, and that makes the changes for everyone,” said Mark Trammell, Controller at Certex in Houston, TX.

Working in tandem with Certex, All Covered made sure that every piece of software that they needed was always available and up-to date for employees, regardless of location. This meant not only were standard applications such as the Microsoft Office Suite backed up, but also “specialty apps... anything we want...like a customer app that does sling calculations,” said Trammell.

The Business Impact

Uptime and accessibility are the most dramatic changes the company witnessed as a result of this project.

“It’s a major change,” Trammell said. “There are a few if any unplanned outages anymore. It’s a great concept.” Trammell also discussed the end user benefits by swtching to All Covered Workspaces. By switching to a thin client solution, Certex was able to “take all the user created issues at [desktops and laptops] and do away with them.”

Certex also found that by removing old and unneeded peripherals, it saw a major decrease in long term maintenance costs for hardware. Additionally, it experienced increased employee productivity and satisfaction. Said Trammell, “it really brings the organization together.

The Results

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Assured effortless and timely software updates
  • Enabled distribution and access to custom applications
  • Empowered users to work from any location at anytime