Why Choose Sharepoint Over Other Software?

Why Choose Sharepoint Since its debut in 2001, SharePoint has managed to grab the lion’s share of the web platform market: over 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, constituting about 75 percent of all intranets configured in the past five years.

That shift wouldn’t have happened if SharePoint hadn’t been simply the best scalable solution available, even for corporations with their own well-regarded platforms in place.  So what makes SharePoint the preferred choice?

Familiar Microsoft Tools in the Cloud

Companies that choose SharePoint do so in large part because of its ties to the Microsoft ecosystem. Seamless integration of SharePoint with Microsoft Office tools has eased the learning curve for new users; SharePoint simply provides an environment where users can use Office’s familiar apps to collaborate with others.

“For example, you can actually have multiple people working on the same document at the same time,” explains Benjamin Niaulin, ShareGate SharePoint MVP. “You can choose just a graph inside of that Excel. Just a pie chart, for example, and publish it as part of your web page in SharePoint. And all of this, of course, then available on your mobile devices from anywhere.”

Add in Office 365 and OneDrive for business, and you’ve just made a quantum leap in collaboration: the cloud allows SharePoint users to participate with few limitations set on location and type of device, storing and sharing their data on the cloud.

“It’s kind of like the evolution of the My Documents folder people have on their desktop,” explains Niaulin. “Whatever device they’re on or if their laptop crashes someday, they’ll just go to their OneDrive for Business. Everything is there.”

Ease of Collaboration

Such frictionless sharing appeals to managers seeking to raise the bar through online collaboration. Microsoft Office integration, together with collaborative tools like Lync; electronic document management functionality; and a powerful search engine makes SharePoint a natural choice as an Intranet solutions.  Easily scan, save and share documents to reduce ongoing paper and energy costs.  SharePoint allows you to categorize and organize document workflow so everyone stays in the loop. 

Flexibility & Security

In today’s fast-changing regulatory climate, businesses need a flexible and thorough way to retain documents, manage records and provide auditing information as requested.  With digital files, your information can be securely stored, transmitted, accessed and formatted to any location in the world while meeting stringent government regulations and compliance guidelines.  Authorization profiles can be set for employees to limit access to sensitive documents or folders.  SharePoint can also be seamlessly integrated with accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to improve workflow and productivity. 

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