Offline Diagnostic Tool

Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) Team's Latest Release


Offline Tool Symbol A ll Covered’s Advanced Technology Solutions group has developed a new Windows network troubleshooting application, named the Offline Diagnostic Tool. This tool allows remote support engineers the ability to diagnose end user system connectivity issues when they are offline, reducing the tedious and time consuming efforts to pinpoint the root cause of a disconnect. This application is included in the standard suite of tools for All Covered Care customers with Unified Management.


The Offline Diagnostic Tool is automatically deployed to all Windows workstations under an All Covered Care contract. The application can be found in the All Programs listing, accessible from the Start menu, located in the section named All Covered.

What it does

When a user is unable to connect to the internet, in most cases we will not be able to remotely access their system. For an end user,
troubleshooting an offline machine can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming experience.

With this new proprietary application developed for our clients, the Offline Diagnostic Tool is capable of performing a comprehensive
set of tests, provide technical details in an easily understandable format. The relevant details are highlighted and can be relayed by
voice to the remote support engineer, saving minutes of manual troubleshooting. Even tech-savvy users can even use the tool to
resolve their own issues.

How it works

Image of looking at coding Because the Offline Diagnostic Tool is installed locally, it can be run by the end user even when they are unable to connect to the internet. Once the application is launched, a series of tests are run and then logic is used to pinpoint the root cause. As failures are detected, a description of the issue is provided along with suggestions for how to resolve the problem.  The user can either follow this guidance, or read the details to an All Covered remote support engineer.

The diagnostic information gathered meets our strict security guidelines. Each time the tool is run, a supplemental diagnostic log file is created on the local workstation that provides further standardized details. These log files will provide All Covered engineers information to continue troubleshooting complex, reoccurring or intermittent network issues.


  • Automated diagnostics: Identifies common network issues and provides guidance towards resolution

  • Resolves more network outages remotely: Quicker than dispatching an engineer onsite

  • Reduces remote diagnostic time: Multiple tests run in less than 2 minutes

  • Provides human readable output: End users can easily communicate technical details with remote engineers

Questions about the Offline Diagnostic Tool?
Contact your All Covered account manager or your local support team