Moore's Law - the observation that integrated circuits double the number of transistors per square inch every two years - transforms information technology at an ever faster pace. Advances in mobility, security, and cloud computing have changed how business, government, education, healthcare and non-profits operate.

But increased speed has not led to greater clarity.

Many companies are bogged down supporting older systems that often don't keep up with the organization's changing goals or needs. Studies show how most IT spending is devoted to maintaining existing systems rather than driving innovation and competitiveness.

Most organizations need a clearer road map to advance beyond the current situation to a new model that aligns to the goals of the organization: one that can be executed in a timely and cost-effective way.

Our 4C Technology Management Approach

Instead of looking at short-term, piecemeal responses, All Covered presents an approach that is focused on the long view, constructing a coherent and successful IT strategy that aligns to objectives and creates a highly-productive work environment.

The All Covered 4C Technology Management Approach focuses on four key areas: 

Consolidation: Centralizing and converging systems
Continuity: Protecting the organization from risks
Collaboration: Working together in real time
Content: Capturing and delivering information

Each 4C area, in its own way, ensures the most cost-effective and reliable way to deploy an effective and secure technology platform.

The Process: Moving from Vision to Reality

Our clients benefit from our comprehensive grasp of organizational fundamentals: we go beyond a tactical, piecemeal approach, collaborating closely with each client to create a plan that harmonizes their desired goals to the technology and processes available to get the job done.

We perform regular reviews to allow for tuning up the plan in reaction to changing circumstances.

The outcome: Better alignment of technology and objectives, more effective use of investment funds, and an environment where technology is an asset rather than a liability.

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