All Covered Backup for Servers

5/10/2017Our local and cloud backup and continuity solutions help you get your data back up and running or keep it up and running in the event of data loss events, accidental deletion, server malfunction, local emergency or regional natural disaster. With All Covered’s solutions, your business systems are easily available to keep your business running.

4 Cloud Trends Your Company Needs

5/3/2017Check out this list of four important cloud technology trends that we believe will be shaping the Workplace of the Future. Security: From Reactive to Proactive The norm for internet security may...

Konica Minolta Education Technology Assessment

2/16/2017As educators, we want the best for our schools. We want the school experience to be rewarding for students, parents and staff. Today, part of that experience is making the best use of technology to enable the learning process and to advance the mission of our schools.

Salesforce Packages

2/27/2017Our three Salesforce package offerings

Smart Data, Smart Results

2/27/2017We’re eyeballs-deep in data. Thanks to advances in technology, you can instantly access information on customers, sales, your competition and your business environment. Most businesses don’t suffer from too little information: the problem lies in lack of access to the right data that allows you to make correct decisions for your business,

All Covered & Konica Minolta Showcase

1/30/2017Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leader in information management focused on enterprise content, technology optimization, and its IT Services division, All Covered, announced they will showcase an array of solutions to create the law firm of the future at Legal Tech 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in New York City from January 31 – February 2.

Workplace of the Future: Top 10 Technologies Infographic

12/16/2016Ready or not, it’s here and technology is making it possible. Companies who survive and flourish in the future will be the ones who employ the smartest use of technology.

Workplace of the Future eBook

12/16/2016The technologies we provide here are more than “the next big thing.” They are key to your company gaining competitive advantages. In fact, we predict that the companies who survive and flourish in the future will be the ones who employ the smartest use of technology. Our Workplace of the Future smart office solutions will provide you with game-changing technologies … solution-driven tools.

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