3 Ways Business Intelligence Apps can Help you Make Smart Decisions

June 08, 2015 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

Business_Intelligence_AppsNobody said making smart decisions was easy. But nobody said you couldn't make them easier.

That's precisely what companies using business intelligence apps are learning today, much to their delight (and to the anguish of their competitors).

The term "business intelligence" applies to a wide spectrum of technologies and workflows that help managers find meaning within existing data sets, facilitating planning and decision making.

Properly deployed, business intelligence applications can help your enterprise make smarter and more timely decisions in three different ways.

Business intelligence can make sense of unwieldy data
If you're a healthcare provider looking to break ground for a rehabilitation hospital in Texas, how do you find a location that needs your facility the most? This was a problem posed to All Covered by one of its clients, a specialty health system working in partnership with a sizable regional health care real estate developer in Texas.

This client was perfectly positioned to reap maximum benefit from business intelligence, as the solution depended on processing large amounts of seemingly unrelated data. All Covered deployed a market intelligence system designed specifically for the healthcare sector that correlates ZIP codes with key performance indicators. The analytics suggested a higher demand for a rehab hospital's services, along with known locations for existing rehab hospitals.

Before business intelligence apps came along, there was no way to bring this kind of information to light; now, bringing relevant and current data took a minimum of effort.

Business intelligence enables quick decisions, eliminates guesswork
Business intelligence can be a game-changer - as the economic environment changes, experience alone loses force as a basis for decision-making. With business intelligence in their toolkit, organizations can make faster fact-based decisions based on a concise interpretation of their data - minus the guesswork.

That's what happened to All Covered's Texas client: using the business intelligence-driven conclusions derived from the available data, the client was able to secure capital and begin construction on the facility just the year after the data analysis was concluded.

Business intelligence maximizes cost-effective use of resources
The results could not have been better for All Covered's client. The study had determined the rehab hospital's location and optimal capacity; had All Covered got either one wrong - if, say, the location suffered from less-than-optimal demand, or if the hospital had too many beds - the resulting waste of resources would have doomed the project.

Neither scenario came to pass; the resulting facility, once completed, operated at close-to-full-capacity from day one, and achieved profitability within five months of its launch.

It's not just hospitals catching the wave; a growing number of enterprises have found their business intelligence footing by way of All Covered. With the latter's assistance, companies now make sense of their formerly disorderly datasets, teasing out conclusions that allow them to make smart and timely decisions.

The All Covered Difference
How can your enterprise benefit from business intelligence? How can you make your decisions count with the data that business intelligence apps put at your disposal? All Covered can help your organization streamline its business decisions by converting organizational data into relevant and accessible data with a customized business intelligence solution. Contact us today at (866)446-1133 for more information or to schedule a consultation.