3 Ways an Effective IT Strategy Can Save Time and Money

Read this article to learn how investing in a solid IT strategy can save your business both time and money.

March 24, 2014 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

Every dollar that a business spends on infrastructure can significantly affect the bottom line. However, a solid IT strategy can save both time and money.  Here’s how:

Saving on Personnel Hours

It is not economically feasible for many small organizations to have a large, dedicated IT staff. Strategic IT planning can help to determine which functions are necessary to your business, including which should be handled in-house and which are best handled by skilled third-party providers. Additionally, a clear strategy can offer time-saving techniques that can add up to hundreds of saved personnel hours every year.

Determining IT Equipment Efficiency

Time is Money

A well-defined IT strategy should have provisions for investment in the most cost-effective equipment, and when it needs to

be purchased. Surveys show that a high number of companies have computers that average four years in age. Considering that the useful life of a desktop computer is considered 2-3 years, this demonstrates that many organizations are using equipment that is not operating at peak efficiency.  This can result in lost data and wasted employee time, and creates additional operational expenses.  In addition, if an employee has to frequently pause while their computer is unresponsive, this can add up to many lost hours during the year.  Many businesses lose a considerable amount of money by making spontaneous purchases, and not having a defined procurement plan.  Having a clear strategy will help keep track of all IT related equipment and the ideal time to upgrade or replace.

Expansion of Company Abilities

The right IT strategy can help recognize the under-utilized assets of a business. As an example, there’s a strong likelihood that the most powerful devices that enter the building every day are not being utilized or incorporated into the IT infrastructure:  employees' tablets and smart phones. More and more companies are managing to incorporate these assets by adding “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) guidelines to their IT strategies. A clear and concise strategy in this area can allow an expansion of company abilities without sacrificing the safety of your network or data.

The All Covered Difference

A sound IT strategy allows companies to increase their potential by gaining access to CIO-level expertise at affordable prices. All Covered can help develop a plan that fits your organization's unique needs. Our engineers can work with you to make thebmost of your IT dollars while attending to your business's current and future needs. Contact us today at (866)446-1133.