Hosted Workspaces are Changing the Way we Work

As businesses expand; as workers use their own devices to work in almost any location; and as clients require more intimate connectivity with operations.

November 10, 2015 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

business-people-travel-by-train-smallA hosted workspace can solve many problems that companies have long wrestled with. As businesses expand; as workers use their own devices to work in almost any location; and as clients require more intimate connectivity with business operations - new technology like hosted workspaces can make all the difference between profits and loss.

And it's steadily heading into the mainstream. According to a recent survey, 36.5 percent of responding companies have or will test hosted workspaces in their offices in the next three years. So what are these early adopters responding to?

Productivity on any device

More companies now rely on hosted workspaces to keep employees productive while working remotely. With Americans now owning an average of four devices per person, it's easier than ever to access work emails on one's own tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Properly configured hosted workspaces take advantage of this trend, by supporting "Bring Your Own Device" policies in the workplace. Using hosted workspaces, team members can work as easily from their tablets as they can from their laptops, accessing files on any authorized device with an Internet connection.

Incompatible software, missing power cords, and other technical difficulties need never hinder productivity again.

Uninterrupted productivity

Users of hosted workspaces can be productive on any authorized device... in any location with an Internet connection. Stuck in traffic? Flight delayed? Can't be at the office for any reason? Hosted workspaces connect users to shared folders and drives, allowing your team to still meet deadlines even when life throws them curveballs.

Six in 10 respondents in a recent survey found their staff using virtual desktops to work remotely in times of business disruption.

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Increased information security

Decision makers fear that where increased mobility goes, decreased security follows. The opposite is actually true, believe it or not. A report from McAfee finds that 90 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses in the US are not properly secured, and roughly half of that figure uses secure company email.

Hosted workspaces, on the other hand, have security tightly built in: virus protection, built-in data protection, and storage in secure cloud servers reduce many of the risk factors inherent in traditional physical desktop setups. The alternative can be pretty expensive - the estimated cost of a data breach to an organization is $3.5 million.


Hosted workspaces can grow easily with the company's needs, with less of the equipment and software turnover necessary for more conventional desktop setups. With the flexibility to work with companies of any size - and adjust as the company expands - hosted workspaces can remain the backbone of a growing company even as the staff doubles or triples in size.

For more and more companies, hosted workspaces offer an all-in-one solution that increases efficiency and mobility, while saving in cost: a flexible and reliable tool that provides a competitive advantage to its adopters.

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