Cloud Services: Examples

June 11, 2013 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

Cloud Computing

Adopting cloud services is a great way to decrease your organization’s overall cash outlay for IT investments, but did you know that cloud services offer many more benefits?

Our All Covered Cloud Services have been designed to decrease IT investments and support overhead, but we don’t stop there. We have tailored our All Cloud Services to provide your organization with other business solutions as well.

Organizations of all sorts are dependent upon reliable access to critical data. One client came to us looking for a way to maintain access to data during an office relocation. We recommended our All Covered Cloud Services.

Access to Data

A nonprofit organization has a need for constant access to data stored on local computers and servers. This was not a problem for the organization until they needed to relocate their office space. While they have always trusted All Covered for all of their IT needs and planned to have All Covered physically relocate all of their IT resources, they were very concerned about the amount of time that their systems would be down.

All Covered understood their concerns about losing access to hardware and critical data and suggested a two-step approach which hinged around All Covered Cloud Services. First, All Covered would move the organization’s critical IT services and data to All Covered Cloud Services. Once that was done, All Covered would physically move the office to the new location.

With All Covered Cloud Services, the staff was able to access data and information systems from any location that had internet. In addition to being a solution for keeping data available during the move, the organization continued to benefit from affordable, scalable All Covered Cloud Services.

Decreased Upfront Costs

Organizations that have multiple locations can be saddled with huge upfront costs when it is time to replace aging servers and other hardware. Additional concerns that are associated with multiple business sites include system availability to all branches in the event of a local system outage. When one of our clients came to us looking for a technology solution that met both needs, we recommended our All Covered Cloud Services.

A community bank with five branch locations all depended upon the aging servers which were housed in one location. In the event that power went down at the server location, all five branches would lose access to business critical data and services. The bank was considering replacing the aging servers and switches and also investing in a generator to ensure that critical services and data were always available, but were shocked to learn that the minimum upfront costs rang in at over $300,000.

All Covered performed site audits at all five locations, investigated exactly how information and IT services were used and proposed that the bank give All Covered Cloud Services a test drive before replacing the old hardware and purchasing a generator.

The community bank tried All Covered Cloud Services and enjoyed that their services and data were always available in all branches. They also appreciated the added benefit of not needing to pay for an onsite technician to maintain their physical IT systems. The community bank was happy to trade the upfront costs and instead have an affordable monthly fee of approximately $5,000.


As technologies evolve, employees are less likely to be tied to the office, taking their jobs on the road. Unfortunately, mobility solutions often come at the price of data inaccessibility and increased security risks. When a client came to us looking for a way to ensure data availability and secure access, we recommended our All Covered Cloud Services.

A top-tier compensation and benefits company with five offices and staff that was constantly on the road needs secure access to sensitive data with maximized uptime. When their IT team started investigating solutions that could provide secure access and guaranteed uptime, they first looked to Rackspace and Amazon cloud services. While both cloud services providers could provide secure access to sensitive data and decent guaranteed uptime, neither cloud service provider was able to support apps that ran on custom plugins.

The company contacted All Covered about our All Covered Cloud Services. We provided them with technical literature, client recommendations, and statistics that proved we were able to meet their requirements for security and guaranteed uptime. We were also able to provide a cloud environment that would support the customized plugins that they needed to run their apps.

As soon as their All Covered Cloud Services were requisitioned, all five offices had secure and reliable access to sensitive data and apps from computers, smart phones, iPads and other tablets.


Many organizations face government regulations regarding how they must protect sensitive data. One client came to us looking for a way to ensure secure data access to its staff from any of its locations while ensuring that data was redundantly backed to ensure continuity of services in the event of a natural disaster. We recommended our All Covered Cloud Services

A hospice organization employed almost 100 employees that worked from the road or from one or more of six locations in the Eastern United States. Because the organization handled sensitive, HIPAA regulated data, they needed to ensure that data was always secure and always available to staff regardless of where they worked. Because of severe weather in the recent past, they also needed to ensure that their data would not be affected by any local weather conditions.

When the hospice came to All Covered with its list of needs, we walked them through how All Covered Cloud Services operate. We explained that our cloud services would protect their data because we have two data centers that located away from the East Coast. With our All Covered Cloud Services, we were able to reassure the hospice that their sensitive data would be protected because all of our data centers are SAS 70 type II compliant. And, because their data and IT services would be hosted in our cloud, their staff would have access from any of the six hospice locations and anywhere on the road as long as an internet connection was available.

The hospice adopted our All Covered Cloud Services solution and found that it met all of their needs. They were also very pleased to learn that when Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast, their data, services, and uptime were not affected.

When an organization is dependent upon constant access of its critical data, it needs to trust that its data systems are always available. When one client came to us looking for guaranteed system uptime and reliable access, we recommended our All Covered Cloud Services.

Guaranteed Uptime

A major transportation company had built up a reputation for making timely deliveries, but in order to remain competitive with the changing market they needed to make some changes to their technology uses. They depended upon GPS systems in order to see where specific orders were at any time and also the ability to reroute trucks in real time. The organization had realized that they had to adopt IT services that would provide maximized uptime to ensure they would have up-to-the-second information.

All Covered Cloud Services met their needs for maximum uptime. With guaranteed uptime of 99.995%, the company would be able to determine where orders were at any moment, reroute drivers when road and traffic conditions could cause delays, and ensure that they providing the best services possible to their clients.

The company has been using All Covered Cloud Services to see a decided improvement in their delivery time due to maximized uptime. They have kept existing clients and gained new clients due to their ability to deliver products more efficiently than their competitors. In addition, the company has also leveraged the power of the cloud to host its billing services, client information, and other tasks.

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