The Truth About Cloud Services

May 22, 2018 by Kurt Toelken, Solutions Architect for Cloud Services


Because your organization puts a premium on its data, it's only natural that you look to cloud services. Cloud services can be affordable, scalable, reliable, secure, and also suitable for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. However, while cloud services might seem like the best solution to meet all of your organization's technology needs, partnering with the wrong cloud services provider can adversely affect your entire organization.

Buyer Beware

Not all Cloud Services are alike!  When it comes to shopping around for cloud services, pretty much anyone with a couple of servers can throw up a shingle and advertise low-overhead cloud services. Sure, the services might be cheap, which is always compelling--but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Even major players in the Cloud space may not provide services which you would expect to be there, or they provide them as add-on services with an additional price tag.  Services like backups, firewalls and high availability may not be included in the cost of a virtual cloud server.

Understand what level of service you expect from the Cloud Service Provider.  Do you need assistance designing your new cloud environment?  Do you want the provider to monitor and manage the OS level, or just the infrastructure?  Then make sure you understand the services which are offered by the different cloud providers.  Each one provides a different level of service.

Don't let a salesperson talk circles around you and promise the moon. Instead, insist that he or she provide a comprehensive assessment which identifies not only the particular benefits that your organization would realize from adopting cloud services, but also make sure he or she points out the possible pitfalls. Make sure that any contract presented allows for reparations if the promised cloud services aren't delivered. And most importantly, make sure that the company you are investigating has recommendations from respected organizations that have similar cloud services needs.

The All Covered Difference

All Covered has been in the technology consulting business for close to two decades. We were there for organizations like yours when computers were only starting to be used for everyday business tasks. We grew up with changing technologies-we used them, studied them, and learned everything we could about them so that your business wouldn't have to know it.

All Covered has been your trusted IT consulting firm since Day One, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience, and ability to serve your organization. At All Covered, we have the knowledge and skills to support your organization with all of its IT needs-including cloud services.


  • With All Covered Cloud Services, you can trust that our services will exceed your expectations.  We offer a 99.995% availability SLA.

  • Our skilled engineers will meet with your organization to gain an understanding of how your organization currently uses data and IT resources.  We help you design the right solution.

  • We will discuss how your organization anticipates using data and IT resources in one, three, five, and even ten years.

  • We will offer a customized suite of cloud services that would best serve your organization.

  • We will provide a comprehensive assessment to identify the existing strengths and weaknesses of your existing IT infrastructure.

  • In the event that we believe All Covered Cloud Services might not be the best solution for your organization, we will be honest about it--and we'll help your organization find the best solution for its data and IT infrastructure needs.