When Technology is the Problem AND the Solution, Hire an IT Consulting Firm

January 10, 2014 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

it-firmTechnology is often given credit for breaking down business barriers. But what if technology itself is the barrier? What if the technology necessary to stay current with industry developments is too complex for your business to adopt within a reasonable timeframe?

A survey of small- and medium-size businesses found that a smaller-than-expected percentage of respondents were using technology that we consider essential for today's business environment. 52 percent of respondents admitted to not having a website; 56 percent admitted to not even measuring the outcomes of their marketing programs. Only one in two SMB owners admitted using technology for accounting purposes.

This reluctance can be attributed to a few factors.

First, the specialized talent needed to maintain needed technology can be too expensive for many small- to medium-sized businesses.

Second, these businesses may lack the infrastructure to develop and maintain the expertise they need.

Third, company culture may prevent the organization from quickly adopting new technology. ZDNet's Steven Warren groups company cultures into "innovative/visionary" (eager to adopt new technologies), "early adopter" (adopts new technologies eagerly but cautiously), "average adopter" (follows new technologies to avoid being left behind), and "conservative" (resists change).

"Adopting emerging technologies... can be very rewarding and exhilarating, but it also can be agonizing and painstakingly expensive if the technology does not work," Warren explains. "You have to have the type of company culture and management team designed to take on these types of risks."

By hiring an outside IT consulting firm to manage the technology for you, you solve all these problems in one go: these firms have professionals with the expertise that you may not be able to hire or develop in-house. You can use their specialized knowledge on your own terms, at a price and timetable of your choosing. The lower costs of hiring an IT consulting firm may help overcome any objections in a conservative organization.

In the end, you may end up spending 25% to 50% less on manpower costs, compared to having full-time employees manage the technology you need in your company.
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