How Using the Cloud Can Help Prevent Security Breaches

Learn about a few ways that cloud computing reduces the risk of falling prey to data security breaches.

November 04, 2014 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

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Considering the risks of entrusting data to hosted IT services is not dissimilar from evaluating the safety of air travel. While the occasional disaster might leave users stunned and afraid to set foot on a commercial airliner, those who can put things into perspective realize that flying is still many times safer than driving or any other form of public transportation.

In the same vein, processing and storing data in the cloud may seem like a risky proposition, until one stops to think about the reality of hosted IT services and secure data storage. In order to put this particular topic into perspective, below are a few ways that cloud computing reduces the risk of falling prey to data security breaches:

Minimizes Breaches Resulting from Lost/Stolen Hardware
When a company has its data secured in the cloud, the loss or theft of a laptop, portable drive or memory stick becomes less likely to compromise data safety. Of course, for maximum data integrity, it’s also important to enforce policies regarding data usage by company employees. Since cloud solutions can be accessed from anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage, storing important data on personal media is no longer a necessity for staff.

High Levels of Physical Security
Because data security is so vital to businesses, most data centers are protected by high-security access systems, security guards, perimeter fences, video surveillance and sophisticated alarm systems. These physical security measures are likely to be far more robust than many businesses can afford on their own. Cloud computing also offers businesses an extremely high level of security using keyword encryption standards that can be almost impossible to break.

Data Security to Internationally Recognized Standards
While any company that cares about data integrity will try to ensure a high standard of security, there are few likely to aspire to world leading standards, simply because data management is a peripheral activity. However, cloud computing providers routinely manage security according to strict international standards such as ISO 27001, upon which they are independently audited to ensure compliance. These standards ensure that your data is protected to the highest level against data breaches.

In Summary
Putting corporate data into the hands of cloud computing specialists actually ensures the risks of security breaches are reduced dramatically, when compared to maintaining reliance on in-house data security measures. Economies of scale mean that cloud computing customers can achieve the highest levels of security while actually reducing IT costs, compared to maintaining a physical data center.

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