The Many Ways Businesses Utilize SharePoint

Click here to learn a few different ways that businesses can use SharePoint to increase productivity, and improve company collaboration.

July 07, 2014 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant



SharePoint is an incredibly versatile tool for today’s ever-changing workplace. Survey after survey shows that approximately 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies utilize SharePoint. However, they all use it differently. This flexibility equates to each company’s unique brand of productivity. Here are a few different ways businesses can use SharePoint to increase productivity, and improve company collaboration.


If it is one thing SharePoint can do, it is improve collaboration. Today, team members are rarely all located in the same office. When using SharePoint, no matter where team members are working, SharePoint offers an easy way to interact and collaborate. Employees can access SharePoint from any computer or mobile device and then have access to specific company files, documents, or schedules – anything related to any particular project is accessible.

Document Storage

SharePoint provides a shared workspace to store documents and eliminates the problem of a file becoming inaccessible on any local PC. When documents are stored on SharePoint they are available to anyone based on their specific user rights. SharePoint allows coworkers to collaborate on the same file, while saving previous versions, and tracking updates. This sidesteps the need to create several different versions of a document and continuously email it to those in the group, thus avoiding confusion as to which file is the most up-to-date.

Company Intranet

Utilizing SharePoint for the company Intranet is a great way to keep different corporate information centrally located and easily accessible to all employees. Each department can create their own dashboard in order to keep co-workers informed of department projects. Just like document storage, access rights can be limited based on need. SharePoint also offers tools for platforms such as building a company wiki.

Public-Facing Websites

The business web development team can utilize SharePoint to build a variety of tools to help improve your company’s online profile. It offers great CMS capabilities for users to edit content, create site structure, and provide great SEO tools. With SharePoint, your team can create HTML templates in the editor and apply the desired elements.

What makes SharePoint so powerful is that these features are available out of the box. Once it is implemented, just about any corporate process can be streamlined. It will improve collaboration between employees, ultimately increasing productivity and providing a solution for document management.

The All Covered Difference

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