Microsoft SharePoint Expertise Matters

June 17, 2012 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

If your business shares in common with most other businesses the reality that managing electronic data can be overwhelming, then it needs to leverage technology to streamline the process of content management.

At some point, someone in your organization will need access to a document that they can't find because it wasn't saved in the right location. Or, after a group meeting, several people will collaborate on the same document and save it with the same title, only to realize later on that there are now multiple versions of the same document title floating around. The scenarios that call for a data management solution are endless, and Microsoft SharePoint is the content management solution that will help your business take control of its data.

All Covered believes it's always best to adopt a new technology solution with guidance from a subject matter expert (SME), that's why we're pleased to announce that through our acquisition of ColdCypress we have gained access to SharePoint SME Travis Krampy.

All Covered: Please tell us about your employment with All Covered.

Travis: I have been working at All Covered for about 6 months. Our company, ColdCypress, based in Bridgeville PA, recently got acquired by All Covered. I worked for ColdCypress for 7 years; starting in the infrastructure department and quickly moving to SharePoint. I have been working in SharePoint for over 7 years. Before that I worked at a local architectural firm as a Systems Admin.

All Covered: Please define SharePoint.

Travis: Microsoft SharePoint started as a web-based collaboration platform that quickly grew into an enterprise content management (ECM) solution that allowed many organizations to have a formalized way to sort and organize data. With SharePoint you can do numerous tasks such as document management, business process management (workflows), intranet, extranet (B2B Portals), project management, etc.

All businesses can benefit from using SharePoint, regardless of their size. SharePoint makes it easy to store corporate documents and organize sites, allowing them to be categorized around how your business is logically structured. Using SharePoint to manage corporate documents is an alternative solution to traditional file sharing. SharePoint makes it easy to manage and find corporate business data. Unlike a standard file sharing system, SharePoint has the benefit of being able to search documents for keywords.

All Covered: What did it take for you to become a SharePoint SME?

Travis: I invested a lot of hard work, dedication, and personal time to learning SharePoint. If I didn't know something I studied it and then applied the new knowledge with hand-on activities. Anytime I discovered I needed to needed to know more, I did research and then put in more hands-on time with the application. Through constant study and constant exposure with SharePoint, I got better. I really believe that while going to workshops and boot camps can enhance an already established knowledge base, they can never replace the level of education and experience that self-teaching can provide. After years of working with SharePoint, I have earned several certifications: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in SharePoint WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007,and Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) SharePoint in 2010 Administration. Currently, I am working on the SharePoint MCITP 2010 Developer certifications. These Microsoft-awarded certifications are important because they validate to clients that I understand the fundamentals of SharePoint and ensure clients that I know what I'm doing; however, working with SharePoint every day is what really counts. When a client asks about my knowledge with SharePoint, they don't want to hear about a certificate that I got ten years ago, they want to hear about what I'm doing to stay updated and involved with the application on a daily basis. I think that's what it takes to truly be a SME—working with the technology on a regular basis and staying current with developments and advancements.

All Covered: Please explain how clients benefit from partnering with a technology support company that has a SharePoint SME on staff.

Travis: Any business can benefit from using SharePoint. It's a new and different way to manage documents and business processes. SharePoint can help any business leverage project management, business process management (workflows), enterprise content management, version control, communication, and collaboration. In a way, if you can visualize a process for how information can be delivered, SharePoint will most likely be able to handle it.