Ready to Collaborate? Implement a SharePoint Solution for Your Business

August 17, 2015 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

SharePoint_Collaboration_BlogIt's not the 90s anymore... so why are so many companies making do with 1990s-era collaboration technology?

Take email, for instance: many businesses still use email as their primary collaboration tool, but a McKinsey study discovered that workers spend about 28 percent of each workweek managing email. And we all know what it's like to search for things on email - unsurprisingly, workers reported spending 20 percent of their time hunting down the information necessary to complete their work!

It's not as if IT managers are out of options. There are plenty of solutions that can do much more to help teams collaborate than email ever could. The best ones create a shared workspace that ties all collaborative tools together on a single platform. .

One such tool is Microsoft SharePoint. It's the number one enterprise information portal product in the world, and not for nothing for nothing: SharePoint works seamlessly with other Microsoft products to link all stakeholders in your business - employees, partners and customers - on a single platform. The result is a collaborative environment that functions with the least friction possible.

The Power of a SharePoint-Based Intranet

What can you do with SharePoint to improve collaboration in your organization?

First, you can set up an intranet for your team. On a SharePoint-based intranet, your team can easily find scheduled tasks, news, announcements and other information.
Interactions on SharePoint are visualized as a single social newsfeed, not unlike the social media streams we're already so accustomed to using outside of work. Users can easily intuitively navigate the intranet's content - increasing communication and facilitating collaboration in the process.

Sharing Files - Drag-and-Drop Easy

What can you view on your SharePoint-based intranet? Everything to do with your business. Project status reports, employee work schedules, client histories, it's all in here - and it's all easily shared. Just drag and drop your files into the environment, and it's accessible from anywhere in the intranet (even to authorized mobile devices), by any authorized team member.

Advanced version control ensures that team members work only with the most current version of data, while preventing accidental deletions - moderators can revert to previous versions of each online document with a single click.

SharePoint's powerful yet intuitive search functionality allows team members to easily retrieve documents using advanced search tools and filters. And it "learns" from your team's continued use, improving its search results' accuracy based on past intent and behavior. Try doing that with email!

Keeps the Discussion Going

SharePoint's social media functionality keeps team members on the same page in more ways than one. Users can create discussion forums to discuss their ongoing work in a supportive, interactive, real-time environment.

The Communities feature allows good discussions to rise to the top, by allowing moderators to identify the most helpful comments in a discussion. Comments marked as the "best" rise to the top of the discussion, allowing them to reach the most participants. Moderators can also extend permissions to partners and customers to view and share within the SharePoint-based environment.

Any company that takes collaboration seriously has already moved past email. Isn't it time you did, too? Whatever the size your company, you can call on our All Covered consultants and SharePoint resource team to set you straight.