Starting a Business? Here’s What You Need to Know about Creating Your Network

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July 22, 2014 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant


Starting a business can seem overwhelming at first. From developing a business plan, to establishing with a bank and the IRS, there are a lot of steps associated with creating a viable business. Quite possibly, the most overwhelming part of establishing a business is developing a technology plan.

An entrepreneur knows their business needs a website, email, computers, network and backup systems, a telephone system, and software, which can vary based on the type of business.  The following is a more in depth look at the steps which are involved for the groundwork of starting a company...

Regardless of the type of business, you need to start with purchasing a domain. Your domain name should be straightforward and related to your business (such as  Try to avoid unusual spellings in order to avoid confusion. If your business does have an odd spelling, consider purchasing similar URLs with different spellings and redirect them to your primary URL.

Next is the website, which again, based on the business could be anything from a simple introduction to your company to an expansive ecommerce site. Develop a list of your website and online presence goals. Based on those goals, you will have a better idea about the type of website you would offer to potential customers. For example, based on your goals, you may look to use an open source content management system to build your site, such as WordPress or Drupal.  While gaining ground due to their free or very low cost, they do require some tech savviness, as support can be limited to online forums. Additionally, you will need to decide if your website will be hosted on your own company network or with a hosting company. These are very different options and the decision will have a lot to do with your level of on-site technical expertise. Website hosting and management is a science all on its own.

Directly tied to your online presence goals is your network selection. While creating a network has simplified slightly in recent years, it still requires a high level of technical knowledge to work at peak performance. Just like deciding on how to develop your website, you must take a thoughtful approach to not just accommodate your current business needs, but to anticipate potential future needs.  For example, you may need only five desktop computers now, but in a year you may need eight or 10. And they may all have software and speed requirements depending on the type of growth your business experiences.

A server system or network is essential to today’s business. The network will house all your critical files, your email system, databases, and more. Servers need regular maintenance for security patch installs, fault tolerance levels and hardware stability checks, to name just a few of the ongoing tasks. Many businesses often find themselves spending more time managing their network and technology than working at developing their business.

Before you get to the point of selecting servers, however, you will need to make some more basic decisions first. For example, do you feel a wired or wireless network makes the most sense for your business? Many businesses are looking to wireless due to its flexibility and because it can provide a safer environment due to fewer wires around the office. A wired system, however, still has an advantage when it comes to its reliability, connection speed, and low cost.   One consideration to keep in mind is determining if employees will need access to company data when outside the office? If so, you need to consider how best to protect your network and data while providing access, so that business can get done from any location. After you have this information collected you can start to look at servers, backup systems, virus and security protection, disaster recovery, and more.  

There is certainly a lot to consider! One of the best ways to handle all the technology issues associated with a business startup is to consult an experienced technology services company – like All Covered. They can help you develop a network plan, setup a cloud system for data warehousing, and establish a backup and disaster recovery protocol to protect your business. They can even provide help desk support for other technology needs. They have the ability to provide end-to-end project consultation and implementation for all your technology needs. This way you can leave the technology to the experts so you can grow your business.

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