Technology Business Plan Expertise Matters

A TBP is a document prepared for clients that identifies their current state of technology, their desired state of technology, and the gaps between the two.

January 05, 2012 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

Technology Business PlanFor more than a decade, All Covered has provided its clients with technology solutions to meet their business needs. Through years of supporting small- and medium- sized businesses, All Covered has realized the value of developing Subject Matter Experts that have the skills and experience to lead consulting teams in order to ensure that clients' technology needs and expectations are always exceeded. John Dupras has been identified as An All Covered Technology Business Plan (TBP) Subject Matter Expert. His experiences working with All Covered for nearly a decade have made him a recognizable asset to the All Covered Team. All Covered: Please tell us about your employment with All Covered. John: I have been with All Covered for a total of 8 years. I started out as a Business Development Executive doing sales in the local market. When the direction of the company changed, I left All Covered for 15 months. In November 2005, I came back to All Covered as a Director of Consulting Services for the Seattle Market. During the past 6 years, I have also been the Director for Seattle, Regional Sales Director for the Western US, and Director for Seattle and Denver. Currently, I am fulfilling multiple roles as Director and Relationship Manager for Seattle and Sales, particularly involving synergies with Konica Minolta. All Covered: You have been identified as a Technology Business Plan (TBP) Subject Matter Expert. Could you tell us what a TBP is? John: A TBP is a document prepared for clients that identifies their current state of technology, their desired state of technology, and the gaps between the two. It is used to build a roadmap of our thoughts on how to get from where they are to where they want to be. It is more than a technical document, but takes into account the overall business strategies and challenges. All Covered: What is a TBP Subject Matter Expert? John: A TBP expert is someone that is able to identify a client's business needs and provide the technology solutions to support it. As a Relationship Manager, it is my role is to understand the business drivers that are enhanced through technology and work with the All Covered Solutions Architects to design technical solutions that will enable the client's business initiatives to be more successful. A person who understands the administrative and technology sides of business and how the two work together is extremely beneficial to the overall success of our clients. ALL Covered: What did it take for you to become a subject matter expert in this area? John: I have a degree in Business Administration and over 30 years of experience in Sales, Management, and Customer Service. A lot of my career has been in technical fields, although I have never been a technical person per se. My ability to listen well and ask thoughtful questions, coupled with the fact that I am genuinely interested and curious about a client's business and vision makes it both interesting and challenging for me. All Covered: How do clients benefit from your TBP expertise? John: Because I have done a number of TBPs, I have the experience to offer clients a point of view that they might not have considered. Since I have been involved in a number of TBPs for a variety of clients with different business needs, I have the ability to draw on that knowledge and experience and share it with other clients and add value to the discussion. Clients appreciate the additional information they may not have considered and the opportunity to discuss and evaluate different approaches and points of view.