Understanding How Cloud Adoption Leads to Enhanced Business Success

April 27, 2015 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

mobile-content-management1-e1363339088920If your business has yet to switch to cloud computing, you should carefully consider doing so. There are many benefits to be gained, with the primary one being enhanced business success. Whether your company is small or large, cloud computing will still be of benefit. Here's a closer look at five of the top reasons you should consider implementing cloud adoption practices.

Less downtime when unforeseen events take place
When you have adopted cloud practices, you'll be provided around-the-clock support for your cloud activities. Whether it be uploading transactions to the cloud or responding to customer inquiries, cloud vendor support enables you to perform your daily functions without fear of something going wrong. If an issue was to arise, your cloud vendor can use IT services to fix it remotely.

Easy maintenance means better customer service
When you're able to focus on your customers, you'll gain a reputation for providing superior customer service. This will optimize your overall operational success. Cloud vendors make it easy for you to perform maintenance on your cloud services as well as perform regular server backups. In fact, many vendors will perform the maintenance for you. Not only does this provide you with more time to focus on your customers, but it also gives you peace of mind in knowing that your cloud services are up-to-date
with today's latest cloud technologies.

Greater data security
Has your data ever been compromised? Regardless of your answer to this question, it's imperative that you understand the risks associated with losing data. Not only will your business suffer, but your customers might, too. Fortunately, though, 94 percent of small businesses that switch to cloud practices state they enjoy security benefits. These benefits are derived from the fact that cloud vendors protect their servers with today's best risk management security practices. They also employ extremely
experienced IT tech specialists, and their cloud platforms tend to be scalable; this means the platforms can be customized to your data security needs.

Increase in cost-efficiency
If you're making the switch to the cloud, you'll first notice that you have many cloud adoption options. You can host your own server or tap into a vendor's. Or you can take advantage of hybrid cloud services; this involves taking advantage of dedicated hardware combined with cloud hosting. The type of cloud that you should adopt will depend on the size and operational processes of your company. A cloud specialist can help you pinpoint which cloud to adopt. After adopting, you'll notice a decrease in your overhead data expenses.

Decrease in deployment time
When you roll out your IT resources, if they aren't part of the cloud, it will likely take you anywhere from two to three years for the IT processes to fully be implemented. With cloud solutions, though, deployment time is decreased to two to three quarters. This leads to improved operational functionality because new solutions take less time to deploy, meaning your staff members can take advantage of them sooner. Or more importantly, your customers can benefit from them, thus improving customer satisfaction even more.

The All Covered Difference
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