How can a Hosted Workspace Benefit You?

October 12, 2015 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

virtual_desktop_blog_smallIn today’s business environment, portability is everything. Smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks have allowed executives to stay connected at all times, even in the middle of a flight!

Smart workplaces implement BYOD (bring your own device) policies to encourage their staff to stay productive even when outside the office. But they represent a minority at this point in time: most workplaces haven’t yet made the leap to BYOD, citing worries about security and problems with provisioning data to every device as their last stumbling blocks.

These quickly become non-issues with the adoption of a hosted workspace – a desktop environment provisioned from a remote server.

A Virtual Environment

Users of hosted workspaces gain access to a virtualized desktop environment from any approved device. The programs, applications and data on the virtual desktop can now be accessed from any location – not just the office.

This new setup presents major advantages in the areas of desktop management and cost.

End-users enjoy all the benefits of the older desktop model they’ve grown accustomed to, and more besides.

Apart from providing the full desktop experience from a smaller, lighter machine, hosted workspaces also allow users to access their desktop from Internet-enabled devices as varied as tablets, smartphones or their home computers.

Rise of the “Thin Clients”

At the office, less expensive “thin clients” can take the place of previously overly powerful desktop computers. “Thin clients” running a virtualized desktop only need access to the host server; as it’s delegated memory, storage and computing power to the server, “thin clients” only need enough power to run the desktop. They’re cheaper to maintain, and require less attention from IT professionals, who find they no longer need to devote time and effort performing backups, virus scans, and application updates for multiple machines.

This means streamlined management and major savings for IT departments, reducing up to 70 percent of the total expense and effort required to maintain an office desktop infrastructure.

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Breaking the Cycle

If you decide to adopt a virtual desktop environment for your company, you’ll likely start by looking at products like Citrix's XenDesktop, one of the top virtual desktop solutions available on the market.

Deploying and managing this setup requires a different skill set from IT managers: the old, individual-desktop paradigm has very little in common with deploying and managing a virtualized desktop environment. Luckily, you can hire outside service providers with ample experience in virtualization technologies to deploy the technology for you.

All Covered Workspaces

With All Covered Workspaces, our hosted workspace solution, you can make the move to virtual desktops easily and securely; from initiating a technical and business analysis to conducting a full production roll-out, we can provide all the know-how and support your need. Our team of engineers possess full certification in Citrix and Microsoft – in short, we have all the tools to break the chains that bind your data to the office.

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