What's the use of a Customized Salesforce Solution?

September 29, 2015 by Alex Collins, IT Services Consultant

Salesforce_Blog_Main_ImageIn a perfect world, every investment you make in software, equipment or personnel works perfectly the moment you integrate them into your business.

But you know that's a pipe dream. In reality, you look closely at every potential hire's CV to see if their past experience matches your needs. You carefully match your equipment purchases to the company's requirements and procurement budget.

Do you treat your software solutions the same way?

Why not out-of-the-box?

One-size-fits-all, non-customized business solutions might spare you some difficulty thinking about implementation at the outset. Over time, though, the lack of tools that correspond directly to your company's needs may hamper your business processes instead of helping them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that help businesses manage customer data and interactions in particular demand a high level of customization. The world's leading CRM solution - Salesforce - takes its more demanding clients' needs into account by permitting almost unlimited customization for those who need it.

While users with general requirements can use Salesforce's out-of-the-box solutions with only slight configuration, the product also allows broader customization for more specific needs. Configuration involves only toggling preferences in the administration panel, using only Salesforce's off-the-shelf functions. Customization is far more complex and labor-intensive: this requires writing custom code to change the way one's Salesforce platform works.

Keeping your eyes on the ball

Salesforce users who want to achieve their full potential with the product go beyond mere configuration, and invest in customization. They're conscious that Salesforce only reaches its full potential when its tools are fully integrated into their interactions with your customers.

But you'll find it difficult to take on this kind of customization by yourself. Salesforce's learning curve is steep, and not easily taken on by novices. Implementing an off-the-shelf CRM is difficult enough on its own - now imagine trying to build a customized Salesforce CRM solution from the ground up!

You can hit the ground running by hiring qualified consultants to adapt Salesforce to your company's unique CRM needs.

Getting Expert Salesforce Help

An experienced Salesforce design and integration team will brainstorm with your staff to design a solution that meets your specific challenges and objectives. They can tailor Salesforce's data fields, workflows and reporting to your exact specifications; manage its deployment to all stakeholders; and offer guidance from the start to the end of the implementation process.

For All Covered’s team of Salesforce specialists, this is all in a day's work. Whether you're starting from scratch or migrating from other legacy platforms, All Covered's people can help you manage the complex adoption process like a pro. In the end, you'll have a Salesforce CRM platform that meets your exact needs, and nobody else's.

Want to get started? Contact All Covered’s Salesforce consultants at 866-446-1133, or book a consultation online.