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We live in a society with a fickle understanding of privacy. On one hand, we’ve been conditioned to think that personal information in government hands is an overt attempt at control, and can only end badly. That same data in private businesses’ hands, though, will only help to serve customers better and is good for […]

School Technology Budgeting

When developing a budget that allows your school to be truly future-ready, perhaps you should consider using a tool common in the world of business: ROI. In the world of business, that acronym refers to Return on Investment. In education, those letters more properly represent the concept of Return on Instruction. In education, evaluating Return […]

How Can Your...

As the healthcare industry evolves toward value-based reimbursement, attaining true interoperability and integration between disparate patient care settings becomes more important than ever. Following are the steps a healthcare organization need to take to attain interoperability. 1. Implement an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System that supports your Organization’s current and future needs. Interoperability in healthcare […]

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The Future of Privacy:

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